Mithra Relators is a  pragmatic  comprehensive  commercial  real  estate consultancy  firm  spearheaded  by  professionals  with  a  track record  in marketing,  finance,  project  management  services  and most importantly a very scientific research based approach to real estate.

Strength & Resources

One  of  our  primary    strength   and    predilection   is  the  study  of  the phenomenon of Real Estate as a product, and the various ramifications it's marketing can assume. Through hand-on experience in the field, extending from the process of creating a product, through  various  stages  leading to the successful marketing of real estate products to Indian and international target audience, we have built-up a value-added knowledge base which we constantly add to.  We  exceed  our  client's  expectations by maintaining standards of value-added services  well  above  the  norms  of our industry. We seek not only to achieve what is asked of us, but  also  offer to provide what is needed.


The primary objective of Mithra Realtors is  to  pursue  excellence in all  of our professional endeavors.Compromises in quality   discredit   our efforts. Dedication to quality will differentiate. We at Mithra Relators are dedicated to  providing     our     clients   advisory,   management   and  consultative  services  and   an  insight  market knowledge necessary to make the best possible real  estate  decisions, and representing the client in every  stage of the  real  estate  process,  from  site  selection  and  space location,  to buying,     financing,       selling,     leasing,     managing      or      valuing property and finally through the complex negotiations  and  documentation process.

Client Relationships

Our success can only be measured through the  successes  of our client's objectives,  satisfaction   and   continued   trust.  But  above  all  else,  we believe that the  best  measurement  is  the  duration  of  our  relationships with  our  clients.  Mithra  Realtors   prides  itself  with   establishing   and maintaining long-lasting client relationships.

The Team

Our  strength  lies  in  our  dedicated  team  that  shares a passion for real estate  excellence  and  unparalleled  customer  service,  which  leverages Mithra Realtors   giving   it   its  leading-edge.  The   Team   believes   that success  results  on  adopting  the  objectives  of the client and dedicating themselves to the achievement of their goal.  Customised  client  services, meaningful customer contact, long-term client partnerships, and innovative use of technology,  collaboration,  successful  interpersonal  relationships, complex negotiations and salesmanship are the keys and skills that each team member is trained to demonstrate.

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